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The Hoss Extender is another great option to use with your Hoss Quick Connect. You might be at a site where you are just a little to far from the sewer connection and you might need to extend your Hoss Quick Connect a little further out to make a better connection. Most of the time the Hoss Quick Connect works perfectly. Although, I have been at sites that have a concrete curb that made things a little more difficult to hook up. The Hoss Extender easily solves that issue.

1 review for Hoss Extender

  1. Debra Wright

    The Hoss Extender made a huge difference in hooking up my Hoss Quick Connect. It allowed me to easily hook up and drain
    the tanks on my fifth wheel. If your sewer connection is not at the edge of your trailer then you need the Extender to make
    your hook up much easier. I recommend this for anyone that is buying a Hoss Quick Connect. It works GREAT!

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