Your “ALL NEW” Hoss Quick Connect sewer extender is easy to assemble and install on your trailer or fifth wheel. The only thing you have to do is slide the transparent acrylic tube section into the Aluminum nut that is screwed onto the 3” ABS male adapter and you are ready to go.

The “O” ring inside the male adapter is already inserted and has been lightly lubricated so the tube telescopes easily inside the ABS pipe for adjustment to various elevations at your campsite.

The Distal ABS tube will also rotate around the acrylic tube at various angles to allow you to adjust the Hoss Quick Connect to set flat on the ground or rest on your slinky for easy dumping of your black and gray tanks.

Once the Hoss Quick Connect is assembled you are ready to hook up to your trailer and the camp site sewer connection.

Hooking up your Hoss Quick Connect

The first thing I do is open up my bumper on the rear of our fifth wheel and remove the flexible sewer hose. Open the lid to the sewer connection at your campsite. Connect your sewer hose to the female adapter securely so you do not have any leaks. You might need different connections for various styles of campsite hookups.

Sometimes your trailer might need a second sewer hose to reach the campsite junction box. They are easily connected together with a standard hose adapter.

After the hoses are connected you simply take the adjustable Hose Adapter on your Hoss Quick Connect and fasten it to your trailer bayonet flange sewer connector. The rigid hose adapter rotates 360 degrees to allow you to adjust your Hoss Quick Connect to whatever elevation you need. When everything is completely assembled and aligned with the ground, or your slinky, be sure to tighten the aluminum nut snugly to keep everything in place. You are ready to use your Hoss Quick Connect. This should make hooking up the sewer at your camp a lot easier and hassle free.

Be sure you shut off the valve on the brass angle valve before dumping your tanks. When you are ready to dump your black and gray tanks simply pull the levers and you will be able to see the sewage and gray water flow through the acrylic tube. It is good practice to dump your black tanks first and then the gray tanks to help flush the sewage from your hoses.

Flushing your Hoss Quick Connect

When your tanks are empty be sure to close the valves to your black and gray tanks. You are now ready to flush your Hoss Quick Connect with the quick connect water hose adapter installed on the upper end by the bayonet connection. Be sure the shut off valve on the brass goose neck connection is shut off! Your Hoss Quick Connect has a Hydro Flush valve installed to protect the water system at your campsite or home from a sewer backflow.  Remove the quick connect coupler and thread it onto your water hose. Turn on the water. Reconnect the quick connect coupler. Open the shut off valve on the brass goose neck and the water will begin flushing your sewer hoses. The transparent acrylic tube allows you to see that your sewer hoses and Hoss Quick Connect are clean and ready to be disconnected. After a few minutes of flushing shut off the valve on the brass angle stop. Disconnect the quick connect coupler and shut off the water. Remove the quick connect coupler and reinstall it on you Hoss Quick Connect for your next trip.

Disconnect your Hoss Quick Connect and the sewer hoses so you can store them properly. Use a plastic bag or container to store your Hoss Quick Connect in your storage compartment. Periodically you should take your Hoss Quick Connect apart for thorough cleaning. You should also lightly lubricate the “O” ring as needed so it slides easily when setting up camp. The Hoss Quick Connect makes hooking up to the campsite sewer easy and hassle free. Remember, “IT RUNS DOWN HILL”.

Hoss Quick Connect Quick Setup Instructions:

  • Secure your Hoss Quick Connect to the bayonet flange on your trailer or fifth wheel.
  • Telescope your Hoss Quick Connect to the ground or to your slinky.
  • Connect your Hoss Quick Connect to your flexible sewer hose with the sewer hose adapter.
  • Be sure to shut off the black valve on the brass angle stop.

Quick Drain and Flush Instructions:

  • Remove the brass quick connect coupler for the water hose.
  • Connect coupler to the water hose and turn on the water.
  • Reconnect coupler to the anti-siphon valve.
  • Open the valve to the brass angle stop and flushing will begin of your Hoss Quick Connect.
  • After a few minutes of flushing you are ready to disconnect your Hoss Quick Connect and get out “On the Road Again”

Black Tank Flush Kit Quick Setup Instructions:

  • Insert the pressure hose through the small aluminum nut
  • Attach the spray nozzle to the end of the hose
  • Connect the hose adapter to your bayonet flange on your trailer
  • Hook up your flexible sewer hose to the Black Tank Flush Kit and your sewer dump station.
  • Connect your power washer
  • Open the sewer valve on your RV
  • Push the power washer hose into your black tank
  • Begin washing out your tanks, you will see sewage flowing through the acrylic adapter.
  • When finished shut your sewer valve and disconnect your Flush Kit.
  • Be sure to remove the nozzle when pulling the hose from the Kit or Hoss Quick Connect.
  • Rinse off your Kit and prepare for storage.
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