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Our Great Story

In 2004 my wife and I purchased our first fifth wheel so we could start camping again and have some fun. We have been on 134 plus trips in our original 22’ Komfort fifth wheel and our new 28’ Cougar fifth wheel that we purchased in 2017. Arriving at camp was always an exciting time. You are on vacation and supposed to be looking forward to visiting the sights and enjoying yourself.

As we start setting up camp, we were excited and ready to relax and enjoy our vacation. Then the hassle and mess of hooking up the sewer hits us. We never looked forward to hooking up the sewer hoses so we could dump our black tanks and gray water. Every time we went camping it was a hassle to deal with the different types of hookups and facilities at each campsite. Some campsites are flat, and others are very uneven. A lot of campsites have a cement curb that is elevated so you have to pack a lot of “STUFF” to elevate your sewer hose so it will drain properly (Remember it runs downhill). Getting the proper slope and supports for your sewer hoses can be difficult and frustrating. The Hoss Quick Connect eliminates the hassle and makes hooking up your sewer a breeze.

The Evolution

It is never fun handling the sewer hoses, supporting the hose so it drains properly and then hooking up to the bayonet flange on the trailer sewer connection. This is a dirty and messy job that most campers hate. Campers pack blocks of wood, metal gutters, bricks, straps or anything they can think of to setup their sewer, so it drains properly.

About eight years ago I decided to make a prototype of an idea I had that would make hooking up the sewer to your trailer or fifth wheel a lot easier, faster and hassle free. Being a contractor, I figured I could use some plastic ABS sewer pipe and design an adapter that would extend to the ground and make the sewer hookup much faster and less of a hassle. After several attempts I was able to build a model that worked really well. Lots of friends called it the “Pooper Shooter”, “Poop Pipe”, “The Dumper” etc. Your imagination can run wild here!!

Making Pipe Dreams Come True

The "Poop Pipe"

As we began camping with this new sewer extender, “Poop Pipe”, many campers would inquire where I purchased my new contraption. I, jokingly, would reply that I made it out of some scrap pipe and fittings and someday I am going to try and get a patent. Well, after I retired from forty years of teaching, I decided to modify and improve my idea and see if I could secure a Patent. In May of 2018 the Patent Pending process was completed and now we are beginning to market the new Hoss Quick Connect sewer extension that makes setting up and breaking camp easier and hassle free at your campsite. Many of our friends refer to me as “HOSS” because my wife and I are cattle ranchers. This nickname came from the old western, Bonanza. I wanted to incorporate my nickname with the marketing of our new patent. We decided to use the acronym HOSS and it stands for; Hooks on Sanitary Sewer.


The HOSS (Hooked On Sanitary Sewer)

The Hoss Quick Connect is easily attached to the bayonet flange of your trailer or fifth wheel for a quick setup, drain and flush at your campsite. The Rigid Hose Adapter rotates 360 degrees and allows you to adjust the angle of your Hoss Quick Connect for easy setup at any elevation. The proprietary aluminum nut allows you to telescope the Hoss Quick Connect so it also adapts to the height of your trailer or fifth wheel. You can also rotate the distal tube, so it fits right on the ground or adjusts to the height of your slinky for any height. When draining your holding tanks the transparent acrylic tube lets you see clearly that the gray water and black tanks have drained completely.

After draining the sewer tanks, it is always a hassle to disconnect the fittings and hoses and then flush them with the hose at the campsite. A brass gooseneck shut-off valve is threaded into the hose adapter to allow you to drain your tanks without any sewage leaking into the freshwater supply. Be sure the shut-off valve is in the OFF position when draining your tanks. The Hoss Quick Connect is designed with a Hydro Flush anti-siphon valve and a quick-connect hose adapter that allows you to clean and flush your sewer hoses with fresh water before you break camp.

Once everything is flushed clean you can easily disconnect the Hoss Quick Connect from your trailer or fifth wheel. If your Hoss Quick Connect gets a little dirty or stiff you can lubricate the O-ring with a little oil but a little white lithium grease works best. You should not need to do this very often. Simply put your Hoss Quick Connect in the storage compartment of your trailer or fifth wheel and you will be ready, to get “On the Road Again”, for your next trip. Have Hoss Quick Connect will travel!!!!

After marketing my new Hoss Quick Connect it became apparent that almost everyone that owns an RV wants to be able to flush out their black tanks on their motorhome, fifth-wheel or trailer as an additional feature.

After consulting with many RV dealers and thorough research online it became apparent that no one had a system to properly flush your black tanks in a sanitary manner. I have developed and patented a new adapter that hooks on the bayonet flange of your RV and allows you to flush your black tanks without making a mess at your campsite or wherever you are dumping.  It can be used independently or with my new sewer extender that I call the Hoss Quick Connect. Hoss stands for; Hooks On Sanitary Sewer.

The all-new Black Tank Flush Kit has a boss that extends on the upper side of the elbow with a half-inch hole that allows you to insert a high-pressure hose so you can flush your tanks with a power washer, garden hose, or 20v portable washer.  It also has external threads that allow you to secure our proprietary nut around the pressure hose. I designed a custom washer specifically made for this application to prevent leakage of the sewer at your campsite or home dump station. The washer is made from pure gum rubber so it works like a wiper when pushing the hose in or pulling it out.

Attach the aluminum nut first with the washer seated at the base. The pressure hose inserts into the small aluminum nut and washer and then inserted through the new patented fitting. The hose will slide in and out as you continue cleaning your black tanks. The high-pressure tip is attached after the hose is inserted through the new fitting.  Once assembled you connect the hose adapter on the black tank flush kit to your RV bayonet flange and you are ready to flush your tanks. You must make sure that you have your flexible sewer hose connected to the lower bayonet flange on the Black Tank Flush Kit to prevent making a mess at your campsite or dump station. Before you attempt to push the washer hose into the black tank be sure to open your sewer valve! Simply hook up the pressure hose to your power washer then feed the pressure hose up into your black tanks and begin cleaning your tanks. You will know your tanks are clean when you see a consistent flow of clean water flowing through the acrylic fitting or tube. Be sure to push the hose in and out while you are cleaning your tanks to ensure a thorough cleaning. After your tank is clean you can pull the hose out so you can disconnect your Black Tank Flush Kit. Be sure to close your sewer valve. Remove your Flush Kit and clean with a water hose before storage. If you are using your Black Tank Flush Kit with the Hoss Quick Connect, be sure to remove the spray nozzle before you pull the hose out through the aluminum nut. Hose everything off and you are ready to put things away in your storage compartment.

This new adapter has a 360-degree adapter on the upper distal end glued to my new patented fitting. On the lower distal end, there is a bayonet flange glued to the other end of the new fitting. The design of this black tank sewer flush kit includes a pressure hose with a nozzle that screws onto the end of the hose when inserted into the fitting. This hose then easily attaches to your power washer for easy cleaning of your black tanks.

This new fitting can easily be adapted to my new Hoss Quick Connect as an additional feature. It can also be used on motorhomes and trailers independently to just clean your black tanks. You can purchase your Black Tank Flush Kit or Accessory kit for the Hoss Quick Connect today on our Shop Page.

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