HOSS Quick Connect (2020 Closeout)

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Closeout of 2020 Model
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1 review for HOSS Quick Connect (2020 Closeout)

  1. Monique Brown

    I was the very fortunate recipient of the first HOSS Quick Connect sold by Mr. Wright. I wish there was an option for 10 Stars! This product is well worth the money! Not only is it exceptionally easy to connect, disconnect and operate but has really taken the hassle out of draining my tanks. Before owning this product, I have been at campsites in which my sewer hose had to hang 1-2 feet before reaching my Slinky that holds the hose off the ground. This meant I would have to manually hold up the hose while it drained to keep it from kinking and backing up. My efforts to “McGyver” a means to hold up the hose were not successful. With the HOSS Quick Connect, because it’s rigid and telescoping, this problem is eliminated. Also, with the clear middle section, I can easily tell when it’s finished draining. This has eliminated the need to use a clear adapter product I had previously purchased. Finally, the flushing valve allows me to quickly and easily run water back into the tank and hose to clear out any additional debris. This is so helpful because I have previously had to replace the black tank valve because toilet paper became jammed in the valve, dried and hardened making it impossible to completely shut my black tank valve. This product is sturdy, durable, SO easy to install and use. You will absolutely wonder how you ever camped without it! As well as making a fantastic product, Mr. Wright is so nice and personable and will be happy to help you with any questions you might have. Thank you Jeff!

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